Sample cover letter

Some of my friends requested for a sample cover letter. Here is one.

Street Address
City, State 98765


Mr. / Mrs. Name of Person
City, XY 12345

Dear Ms. / Mr. Last Name:

I am an accomplished professional with extensive experience in <your field>. You will note from the attached resume that my background and experience parallels the <Position Title> as advertised in <source of advertisement>.

I can bring technical expertise, dynamic leadership, <etc, etc> to your company.  To illustrate:
<Mention 2-3 key accomplishments,these should be bulleted for impact>

I have a strong grasp of <technical skills>, solid problem-solving skills and a proven ability to motivate others <or any of your key strengths>. I believe I will prove to be an asset to the organization.

I can be reached at <your ph no.> between <this time> and <this time>.  Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to your reply.


Your Name

Useful link:


About Aradhana

I'm a 3D graphics technology geek, food lover, hiking enthusiast and writer.
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