White Tiger- my view

White Tiger- by Aravind Adiga

I read this book some time back and it really left an impression on me. So I thought of penning down my view about the book.

This is a brilliant book which is compelling and yet has an angry tone. I feel the author has a way of portraying his characters in a very direct manner which makes way for dark humor. There is no attempt to cover up or camouflage the facts.

White Tiger is the story of Balram who is born in rural India, He is the son of a rickshaw puller. He works in a tea shop as a child and that is what his family expects him to do always. But as he mops the floor and clean the shop, he dreams of escaping from the clutches of his family and his village.

He grows up ad becomes a driver to the son of the local, rich coal-mine owner and move to Delhi with them. This city has a lot to offer and Balram has a lot to learn. Delhi is a city of contrasts. Contrast between Balram’s tiny, smelly room full of cockroaches and his master’s palatial posh bungalow. Contrast between his dusty, old village of Laxmangarh in district Gaya and the glitter and glamor of Delhi’s call centers and shopping malls. He is stuck between his instinct and tradition of being a loyal servant and son, and his desire to escape to his dreams. Should he adopt “any means” to reach his goals?

This book is a story of the contrasts within India. On one hand is the rural heratland with real problems of poverty and hunger, and on the other is the rich, aristocratic lifestyle of a chosen few. The author is unashamedly truthful and the book and it’s characters captivatingly endearing.


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